A Stradivarius for Only $300!? Insane! Unveiling the Magic of Impulse Responses in Electric Violins

Electric violins have opened up new possibilities for musicians, allowing them to explore various genres and experiment with sound. However, capturing the essence of iconic violins like the Stradivarius has always been a challenge—until now. Impulse responses provide a solution by replicating the unique tonal characteristics of real-world violins. Let's delve into how this technology works and how it can be applied to electric violins using examples such as the Mooer, Vsound2, and Helix pedal series.

Understanding Impulse Responses

Impulse responses (IRs) are digital representations of the acoustic characteristics of instruments or spaces. In the context of electric violins, IRs utilize recordings from real violins, including renowned models like the Stradivarius, to recreate their distinctive sound. By capturing the acoustic nuances, harmonics, and resonances, IRs offer a realistic simulation of iconic violin tones.

Pedals Utilizing Impulse Responses

1. Mooer Radar Speaker Cabinet Mic Amp Simulator IR Loader:
Price: $99.99

The Mooer Radar Speaker Cabinet Mic Amp Simulator IR Loader is a multi-effects pedal that incorporates impulse response technology. It allows electric violinists to load IR files and emulate the tonal qualities of high-end violins. By connecting the pedal to a computer or mobile device, users can access a vast library of IRs and experiment with different violin sounds.

2. Vsound2 Violin IR Loader:
Price: $399.99

The Vsound2 is a compact pedal specifically designed for electric violins. It enables musicians to load and use IR files directly on their instrument. By connecting the Vsound2 pedal to a computer, users can select from a variety of IRs, including those of renowned violins such as Stradivarius and Guarneri bodies, and instantly transform the sound of their electric violin.

3. Helix Pedal Series by Line 6:
Price: $699.99

The Helix pedal series, including models like Helix HX Stomp and Helix Floor, offers advanced processing capabilities for electric instruments. These pedals allow musicians to load IRs and apply them to their electric violins. With the Helix series, users can explore a wide range of impulse responses, including those capturing the essence of legendary violins, and shape their violin's tone with precision.

Benefits and Creative Possibilities

Impulse responses in electric violins offer numerous benefits and creative opportunities:

1. Affordability: IR technology makes it more accessible for musicians to experience the sound of iconic violins without the high cost associated with owning them.

2. Versatility: By loading different IRs, electric violinists can experiment with various violin sounds, exploring different genres and artistic expressions.

3. Personalization: With the ability to blend and modify IRs, musicians can create unique, personalized violin tones, adding their own signature to their instrument's sound.

4. Inspiration: Impulse responses inspire creativity by offering a wide sonic palette that allows artists to explore new musical territories and push the boundaries of traditional violin sounds.

Sample of a piece using acoustic impulse response on an electric violin


Impulse responses have revolutionized the electric violin world, providing an affordable and accessible way to replicate the sound of iconic violins. Pedals such as the Mooer GE150, Vsound2, and the Helix series by Line 6 offer violinists the opportunity to load and utilize IRs, opening up a world of creative possibilities. By harnessing the power of impulse responses, electric violinists can unlock the magic of legendary violins and shape their own unique musical journeys.


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