A Stradivarius for Only $300!? Insane! Unveiling the Magic of Impulse Responses in Electric Violins

Electric violins have opened up new possibilities for musicians, allowing them to explore various genres and experiment with sound. However, capturing the essence of iconic violins like the Stradivarius has always been a challenge—until now. Impulse responses provide a solution by replicating the unique tonal characteristics of real-world violins. Let's delve into how this technology works and how it can be applied to electric violins using examples such as the Mooer, Vsound2, and Helix pedal series. Understanding Impulse Responses Impulse responses (IRs) are digital representations of the acoustic characteristics of instruments or spaces. In the context of electric violins, IRs utilize recordings from real violins, including renowned models like the Stradivarius, to recreate their distinctive sound. By capturing the acoustic nuances, harmonics, and resonances, IRs offer a realistic simulation of iconic violin tones. Pedals Utilizing Impulse Responses 1. Mooer Radar Speaker Cabinet

Music Guide: How to Choose an Electric Violin (in 2023)

As music evolves, so do the instruments that shape its unique soundscapes. Among these groundbreaking innovations is the electric violin - a modern marvel that blends classical elegance with cutting-edge technology. Whether you're a seasoned violinist looking to explore new sonic territories or a beginner eager to embrace the future of music, choosing the right electric violin can be an exhilarating yet challenging task. In this guide, we'll take you on a harmonious journey to find the perfect electric violin for your needs, and we'll also explore some excellent examples to inspire your musical endeavors. 1. Define Your Purpose Before plunging into the vast world of electric violins, it's crucial to identify your purpose. Are you a classical musician seeking to experiment with different sounds, a rock enthusiast looking to electrify your performances, or a student searching for a practice instrument? Knowing your purpose will help you narrow down your options and find a

The Power of Video Game Music: Appreciating the Art Beyond Gameplay

In the vast world of video games, there exists an often overlooked aspect that possesses an enchanting allure of its own: the music. Have you ever found yourself captivated by a game's soundtrack without ever having played the game? It's a question that has sparked a lively debate in our YouTube community. In this supplemental read to my video essay (linked above), we delve deeper into the intriguing concept of enjoying video game music without playing the game itself. Video games as a multi-faceted medium Video games are a unique form of entertainment that combines various elements such as gameplay, visuals, storytelling, and music. Each of these components contributes to the overall experience, but they can also be appreciated independently. While gameplay and music are often intertwined, there is no rule that states one must enjoy both simultaneously. The evolving landscape of video game music As the AAA video game industry shifts towards cinematic-like experiences, the role

Music Tips: The Basic Process of Music Composition & Songwriting

As a composer and arranger in the Philippines for over 20 years now, I can confidently say that I have mastered the basic process of composing music. They say that with the advent of the digital age, anyone can now compose music because of readily available home recording tools. While I definitely agree with this statement, yes, anyone can make music, BUT not everyone can make it brilliant and long lasting. Using loops over and over again gets old fast and won’t advance your technique and skill. Not to mention talent, not everyone has this as well. With that said, I will now discuss three basic steps in creating your own piece of music. Conceptualization This is the part where you dream about your music. You don’t need to be consciously doing this. You can do your daily chores, walk around the park, or simply stare into nothingness, all the while, you’re subconsciously cooking up melodies and harmonies in your head. I’ve done this countless times, especially when accepting a fresh proj

8 Tips For Successful Online Musicians (Updated for 2023)

In 2020, I contributed an article at called " 7 Tips for Successful Online Musicians" , this is the updated version for 2023. DISCLAIMER: None of these are shortcuts. All these methods are meant to be for the long haul, but once you get all your bases covered, they can work wonders for your finances, even in times of global crises. Provided, of course, the internet stays on. Discover Your Niche (And Stick With It) Your niche isn't just the genre of music you choose to specialize in; it's also your personal brand, that one unique twist that makes you stand out. Instead of being just another "metal guitarist," you can position yourself as a "video game metal guitarist" or a "fingerstyle folk metal guitarist." The deeper you delve into a niche that resonates with you, the easier it is to stand out. Of course, this depends on your skills and interests. Select a niche that showcases your strengths and passions, as it w

Composition Showcase: Ballad of the Golden Pearl

  "Ballad of the Golden Pearl" Composed & Arranged by Diwa de Leon Performed by The String Player Gamer & Victor Cheng  You rescued the kingdom, everyone is saved, the town celebrates, your love interest smiles at you, and everyone is happy and emotional. Cut to black. This music plays. "Ballad of the Golden Pearl" is a video game-inspired original piece that pays tribute to every dramatic love theme from JRPGs. Something I composed back in 2010, but revitalized and remastered for today.   I added some floating text to signify the musical composition and violin techniques I used, some are music theory-based, and some are more descriptive. I hope you like it!

Tools of the Trade: What Composers and Songwriters Should Have with them at All Times

So you’re a songwriter/composer waiting for your next musical idea, but is currently experiencing “composer’s block”? Well I have just the tip that may help you. I have here a basic list of what you need to be prepared while waiting for that one idea. 1.  Pen and Paper  - You never know when your next inspired moment will come. So better be prepared and don’t let an inspired moment pass by without documenting it. Why? Because in my experiece, a truly inspired moment only comes once and if you forget it, it’s gone. 2.  Music Writing Notebook  (for able note-readers/writers) - of course academic musicians have a documenting advantage. Never leave home without your music notebook. 3.  Portable Audio Recorder  - Most cellphones of today have a built in audio recorder. Use that to your advantage. It will be a good friend to you. The same case applied to me when I was at the drugstore buying some Paracetamol when a nice melody suddenly came to my mind, I immediately recorded it on my phone.
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