Tools of the Trade: What Composers and Songwriters Should Have with them at All Times

So you’re a songwriter/composer waiting for your next musical idea, but is currently experiencing “composer’s block”? Well I have just the tip that may help you. I have here a basic list of what you need to be prepared while waiting for that one idea.

1. Pen and Paper - You never know when your next inspired moment will come. So better be prepared and don’t let an inspired moment pass by without documenting it. Why? Because in my experiece, a truly inspired moment only comes once and if you forget it, it’s gone.

2. Music Writing Notebook (for able note-readers/writers) - of course academic musicians have a documenting advantage. Never leave home without your music notebook.

3. Portable Audio Recorder - Most cellphones of today have a built in audio recorder. Use that to your advantage. It will be a good friend to you. The same case applied to me when I was at the drugstore buying some Paracetamol when a nice melody suddenly came to my mind, I immediately recorded it on my phone. It was worth it even if I looked like an idiot for a few seconds.

Here the resulting work from that inspired moment, a piece of music called Dreams by the SeaUpon finishing it, I realized how great an influence RPG music has had over me without being conscious about it.


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String Player Gamer
After falling in love with the music of Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, eleven-year-old Diwa de Leon's video game music journey took root. Fast forward to many years later, a music degree, and hundreds of video games beaten and immersed in, Diwa, now a professional musician who goes by the name String Player Gamer aims to amplify his childhood nerd nostalgia into high quality, musical productions for everyone to enjoy.

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