Composition Showcase: Ballad of the Golden Pearl


"Ballad of the Golden Pearl"
Composed & Arranged by Diwa de Leon
Performed by The String Player Gamer & Victor Cheng 

You rescued the kingdom, everyone is saved, the town celebrates, your love interest smiles at you, and everyone is happy and emotional. Cut to black. This music plays.

"Ballad of the Golden Pearl" is a video game-inspired original piece that pays tribute to every dramatic love theme from JRPGs. Something I composed back in 2010, but revitalized and remastered for today.  I added some floating text to signify the musical composition and violin techniques I used, some are music theory-based, and some are more descriptive. I hope you like it!


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String Player Gamer
After falling in love with the music of Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, eleven-year-old Diwa de Leon's video game music journey took root. Fast forward to many years later, a music degree, and hundreds of video games beaten and immersed in, Diwa, now a professional musician who goes by the name String Player Gamer aims to amplify his childhood nerd nostalgia into high quality, musical productions for everyone to enjoy.

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